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Australian Council for International Development

The Australian Council for International Development is the peak Council for Australian not-for-profit aid and development organisations working to attain a world where gross inequality and extreme poverty are eradicated. More about ACFID.

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ACFID National Conference 2015

Vanuatu: Cyclone Pam

On the evening of 13 March, a category five tropical cyclone hit Vanuatu with winds of more than 250km/hr and gusts peaking at around 320km/hr. Assessments indicate Tropical Cyclone Pam has affected 166,000 people across 22 islands in Vanuatu, and it is likely that the aid and reconstruction effort required will stretch beyond weeks to years.

ACFID members are responding to the cyclone and would welcome your support. Find a full list of appeals and further information here.

Many Australians are moved to assist when an emergency arises overseas. In times of crises, ACFID suggests that cash is better than gifts or goods. For further information see our brief here.

Campaign for Australian Aid

ACFID is proud to support the Campaign for Australian Aid. The campaign is a joint initiative of the Make Poverty History and the Micah Challenge coalitions. This is a campaign for all Australians who believe we can and should do more as a nation to end extreme poverty around the world.

To sign on to the campaign, and for more information go the campaign website at:

ACFID's Budget Submission to the 2015-2016 Federal Budget

Cuts made to Australia's aid budget by the Federal Government last year were too deep and went too far. They were done without considering the impact on the countries and people that need our support and without understanding the impact they will have on Australia's international relations. ACFID's budget submission calls for the aid budget to be restored by $1billion in this year's budget and another $2.7billion in the forward estimates. It also outlines priority aid investments to ensure Australia's aid program continues to achieve strong development outcomes targeted at the poorest and marginalised.

Read the Budget Submission (PDF)

Cuts to Australia's Aid

As part of the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) released on Monday 15 December, the Australian Government announced a cut to the aid budget of more than $3.7 billion. This means that since its election in September 2013, the Government has cut a cumulative $11 billion out of Australia’s aid program. Overall, more than $1 in every $4 of budget savings the Government has announced, have come from reductions to the aid program.

As a result, aid as a share of national income will fall from 0.32 percent of national income to under 0.22 percent in Financial Year 2017-18. This is Australia’s lowest ever level of aid as a share of national income since records began in the 1960s and makes Australia one of the least generous developed countries in the OECD – falling from a ranking of 13 out of 28 countries to just 19th.

ACFID’s media release: Government Promises on Australian Aid are Worthless

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REGISTER for the 5th ACFID University Network Conference

The 5th ACFID University Network Conference - Evidence and practice in an age of inequality, is being hosted with Monash University and ACFID on 4-5 June 2015.

To register click HERE.


ACFID Council October 2014 - Future of NGOs in the Age of Great Disruption

Check out what happened at the conference here - we have provided conference speeches, presentations and more online.

Humanitarian Action for Results Cover

Humanitarian Action for Results

Globally, we are witnessing a rise in the scale, frequency and impact of humanitarian crises on vulnerable people, pushing the international humanitarian system to its limits. Australia plays a vital role in responding to these challenges, both in our immediate region and globally.  A new paper developed by ACFID's Humanitarian Reference Group (HRG), involving 14 leading humanitarian Non-Government Organisations (NGO), has been launched today, 8 May.  The paper reviews Australia’s humanitarian policy and practice to provide recommendations on ways to improve the effectiveness of humanitarian action – now and into the future.

Download the paper


Benchmarks for an Effective and Accountable Australian Aid Program

We have identified eight best practice and effective aid benchmarks based on the experience of aid practioners working around the world and drawn from our experience in developing an NGO sector Code of Conduct. We further identify approaches that will build on the existing strengths of the Australian aid program, while also focusing on areas where there is room for improvement. Benchmarks such as these will ensure good development practice and results on the ground, with the end-goal of creating a gold-standard aid program for Australia.

Download the paper

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