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Australian Council for International Development

The Australian Council for International Development is the peak Council for Australian not-for-profit aid and development organisations working to attain a world where gross inequality and extreme poverty are eradicated. More about ACFID.

ACFID Council October 2014 - Future of NGOs in the Age of Great Disruption

Check out what happened at the conference here - we have provided conference speeches, presentations and more online.

Humanitarian Action for Results Cover

Humanitarian Action for Results

Globally, we are witnessing a rise in the scale, frequency and impact of humanitarian crises on vulnerable people, pushing the international humanitarian system to its limits. Australia plays a vital role in responding to these challenges, both in our immediate region and globally.  A new paper developed by ACFID's Humanitarian Reference Group (HRG), involving 14 leading humanitarian Non-Government Organisations (NGO), has been launched today, 8 May.  The paper reviews Australia’s humanitarian policy and practice to provide recommendations on ways to improve the effectiveness of humanitarian action – now and into the future.

Download the paper


Benchmarks for an Effective and Accountable Australian Aid Program

We have identified eight best practice and effective aid benchmarks based on the experience of aid practioners working around the world and drawn from our experience in developing an NGO sector Code of Conduct. We further identify approaches that will build on the existing strengths of the Australian aid program, while also focusing on areas where there is room for improvement. Benchmarks such as these will ensure good development practice and results on the ground, with the end-goal of creating a gold-standard aid program for Australia.

Download the paper

ACFID Federal Budget 2014-15 AnalysisBudget image

ACFID has looked carefully at the 2014-15 budget and the impacts for Australian Aid.

Our Federal Budget Night analysis outlines the headlines of the budget and offers a succinct examination of some key areas for our membership including on issues of: budget transparency, NGO and Volunteer funding, aid volume and predictability, funds by geographic region, and more.

Click here to access the full analysis.


Find out how your community supports overseas aid

Griffith SnapshotWarringah SnapshotACFID has brought together local data and community stories from just some of our member organisations to create a snapshot of how Australians are supporting overseas aid in every Federal Electorate across the nation.

Over the past 10 years, public support for the not-for-profit aid and development sector has doubled. Australians - everywhere - are showing they care about overseas aid at home, at work, at school, and through church and community groups. Find out how your community supports overseas aid.

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